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Best Budget Nail Polish Under $10

Posted on: November 15, 2011

While I love the look and durability of high end nail polish, I don’t have the budget to spend upwards of $15 a bottle (or more,) especially considering how frequently I do my nails. With that in mind, I tried to find the best budget nail polishes under $10 and came away with a few winners. Keep reading after the break to see my picks!

Sinful Colors Nail Enamel

For around $2 or $3, Sinful Colors is my go-to budget polish, hands down. They have a HUGE array of colors and are readily available at many drugstores and Target, or online. This polish will chip easily, but with a base and top coat you won’t have that problem. For the price, it’s not bad quality at all – especially for women who change their manicures all the time.



NYC in A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

I was able to pick up a bottle of this polish at Target for $1.79, and chose “Prince Street” as my color (it’s a gorgeous grape shade.) The consistency is very thin, so you need two coats for full coverage but it lasts a lot longer than some polishes I’ve tried! With a quality top coat, you can have a decent manicure for at least a week with no visible chips. Plus, it really does dry super quickly.




Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer

This polish can be hard to find in stores (at least in my area,) but you can purchase it via drugstore.com for about $4. I was impressed with the quality of this polish, and pleased with the size of the brush. It’s larger than most polish brushes, making a DIY manicure super simple even for those who aren’t too savvy with nail polish. Plus, I never had any problems with visible chipping, just normal tip wear that you will see with any polish.



Have you tried any of these brands before? What are your thoughts? Also, please share with me your favorite budget nail polish under $10 – I’d  love to hear what you recommend!



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