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Nip+Fab Introduces “No Needle Fix” as THE Alternative to Restylane Injections

Posted on: March 29, 2012

Nip+Fab has recently debuted their No Needle Fix, a new facial filler that delivers results comparable to those achieved with Restylane injections – without the needle!

Your skin becomes hydrated and conditioned while a blend of ingredients works to plump fine lines, smooth wrinkles and firm skin without the cost or pain of traditional facial fillers.

According to results gathered during independent trials, volunteers saw an 11.5% reduction in wrinkles after only one application while also noticing increased firmness.

Says a Nip+Fab spokesperson:

With our new No Needle Fix serum, women including our celebrity fans, are able to regain the youthful fullness in their face. Age, environmental damage and demanding lifestyles all take their toll and age us prematurely, with wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes and cheeks being some of the first signs. Before now the only way to counteract these unattractive symptoms, was to inject fillers into the cheek to restore the original plumpness of the face. This extreme procedure leads to the common problem known as ‘pillow face,’ where the cheeks look ‘inflated’ and this can have the adverse effect of closing the eye, making them appear smaller.

No Needle Fix is available at Henri Bendel and at nipandfab.com. The product retails for $19.99.


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