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How to Wear Orange Lipstick

Posted on: May 11, 2012

After highlighting six orange lippies in yesterday’s post, it occurred to me that not every woman knows how to pull off an orange lip. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to wear a sheer tangerine gloss than a bright orange lip, but if you’re wanting to try this very popular trend, here are a few tips to pull it off.

1. If you’re fair skinned, look for an orange lipstick that also leans towards red or pink. With these undertones, you won’t run the risk of looking clownish. Darker skinned women can get away with wearing more vibrant oranges.

2. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to allow for your lips to be the focal point. A little mascara, maybe a smidge of eyeliner and a light dusting of blush are all you need.

3. If you’re particularly daring, ignore step number 2 above and don’t be afraid to experiment. A bright orange lip with a subtle smokey eye can look very chic if you are careful not to pile on too much.

The good thing about orange lipstick is that it can be flattering on any woman, regardless of skin tone. Plus, it’s a great look for summer.

Do you like the new orange lipstick trend? How would you wear it?

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