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5 Orange Nail Polishes for Summer

Posted on: May 16, 2012

Since my yellow nail polish post seemed to be a hit, I’ve decided to make a “series” of polish posts highlighting different colors that I feel are perfect for summer. This week, I’ve chosen 5 orange nail polishes that are stunning. Some of these I have, others are on my wish list – either way, they’re guaranteed to put you in a summer state of mind!

1. Essie Nail Color in Orange, It’s Obvious!

One of my must-get shades, Orange, It’s Obvious! looks like it will be as stunning on nails as it is in the bottle based on swatches I’ve seen. I don’t have a lot of Essie polish, but I plan to grow my collection soon with the addition of this stunner.

($8, Ulta)

2. Zoya in Arizona

Part of their new summer collection, Arizona is a gorgeous vivid orange cream that as bright and soft. It’s not a neon, but it’s definitely eye catching on the nail. This will likely be my favorite polish this summer!

($8, Zoya)

3. Color Club in Wham! Pow!

This polish is one of my favorites in my collection. It’s a bright, intense neon orange with a cream finish and the color payoff is awesome. Coverage is great, too – I only need two coats until it’s opaque.

($6, The Beauty Clutch)

4. Milani Nail Lacquer inJust Juicy

I’m all for budget nail polish, and I’ve heard decent things about Milani’s line. Their Just Juicy shade looks almost good enough to eat. If it’s as bright on nails as it is in the bottle, you can bet I’ll be tracking this one down.

($3.29, Target)

5. Julep Nail Vernis in Natasha

Natasha is described as an “intense orange creme,” and I can attest to that fact. I like this color from Julep. It’s truly a one-coater for me, and it looks almost like a juicy sorbet on nails.

($14, Sephora)

Did I forget your favorite orange polish here? Don’t be shy – let me know what orange shade you’ll be wearing this summer.


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