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5 Coral Nail Polishes for Summer

Posted on: May 28, 2012

Part 4 of a series. You can see my picks for pink nail polish here, orange polish here and yellow polish here. This week, it’s all about coral – and there are a lot of coral polishes that are perfect for summer. I’ve highlighted 5 of my favorites below.

1. Essie “Haute as Hello”

If you’re in the mood for a neon and love coral, then Essie’s “Haute as Hello” is your color. This gorgeous neon is bright on nails but changes color depending on the lighting you’re in. It doesn’t lean more towards pink or orange – in fact, it’s a hybrid of pink, orange and coral and it’s gorgeous. It even flatters my pale skin tone.

($8, Essie.com)

2. Dior “Bikini”

I don’t actually own this shade, but after seeing swatches online I wish I did. It’s beautiful! More of a peachy-coral, this shade looks like it’d be great for a summer mani or pedi. It doesn’t look like anything I already have in my stash either, although I find it difficult to shell out $23 for a polish. I know plenty of ladies love their high-end brands though!

($23, Sephora)

3. OPI “Cajun Shrimp”

Oddly enough, my polish stash is sorely lacking in OPI – but I think I may have to remedy that situation and pick up “Cajun Shrimp.” Not only do I love the name, but the orange-red coral shade is to die for. It’s a tiny bit hard to track down, but if you really love the shade it’s worth the extra effort to find it.

($6.03, Amazon)

4. China Glaze “High Hopes”

This particular shade looks more red in the bottle, but on fingers it’s a gorgeous pink-ish coral with flashes of red. It’s definitely bright, but not a neon. It is eye-catching, though.

($7, Ulta)

5. Essie “Tart Deco”

Another Essie polish! I know that “Haute as Hello” and “Tart Deco” are very similar in appearance, but they’re not actually dupes. I have both in my collection, and the differences are pretty apparent. Tart Deco is darker with more pink/red undertones while Haute as Hello  is a lighter coral. They’re both pretty and I am glad I own both!

($8, Essie)

Do you have a favorite coral nail polish? Don’t be shy – tell me your pick in the comments.


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