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5 Products for Pretty & Protected Summer Skin

Posted on: June 5, 2012

The weather is already heating up here in Southern California, so it’s more important than ever to give my skin a little TLC to keep it looking radiant and healthy all season long. I’ve tracked down 5 products that will help your skin in a variety of ways, either by protecting you from damaging UV rays; keeping skin intensely hydrated and radiant or a combination thereof. I love multi-tasking beauty products, don’t you?

1. Qtica Smart Spa Sugar Scrub in Grapefruit Surprise

Our skin needs a good rub down during the summer months, and Qtica’s sugar scrub does a great job getting rid of dry, flaky skin and smoothing out rough patches. Plus, the grapefruit scent is so refreshing and uplifting. It’s the perfect weekly treat to use when you’re ready to show some skin – healthy, soft and supple skin that is! This scrub also works well for hands and feet.

($18, Qtica.com)

2. Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion

I reviewed this lotion previously, and I’m still as enamored of this SPF 15 lotion as I was the first time I tried it. Not only will it protect skin from damaging UV rays, but it also contains ingredients that help soothe sensitive skin, reduce redness and leave your complexion luminous and younger-looking. It’s also very moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy on skin.

($18, Burt’s Bees)

3. Focus 21 Sea Plasma Moisturizer Spray

Oil and alcohol free, this moisturizing spray can be used to give skin a luminous, hydrated look and feel. Bonus: It can also be used on hair! It smells fantastic – like a fresh ocean breeze – and it really helps skin feel refreshed and moisturized without feeling sticky or heavy. A little bit goes a long way too, so the bottle will last for a good while.

($5.99, Ulta)

4. Yes To Carrots Hydrating Body Lotion with SPF 30

Believe it or not, a moisturizing lotion with SPF does exist – and it’s 97.4% natural, to boot! It’s a pretty thick formula, which may turn some people off – but once it’s rubbed in, skin instantly absorbs the lotion so your skin feels soft and supple all day long. This formula would be great for those with very dry and sensitive skin, but it does say it will work with all skin types, too.

($14.99, drugstore.com)

5. Charlotte Ronson A Summer’s Kiss Face & Body Glow

I don’t actually own this product, but I would love to – reviewers rave about it! Essentially a lightweight liquid bronzer, this product was designed to give face and body a healthy, luminous glow while brightening and evening skin tone. Plus, it self-adjusts to make you look radiant under any lighting. Additionally, it’s fortified with Vitamins C & E to help even the most dull-looking skin transform into luminous complexion perfection.

($18, Sephora)

What are your summer skin care must-haves?


2 Responses to "5 Products for Pretty & Protected Summer Skin"

Thanks for posting about these, I’ve been meaning to try the Burts Bee product but now I want to try that AND the sea plasma!

The sea plasma is super cool. While it’s not as moisturizing as a lotion or cream would be, it smells reallllly good and it’s super refreshing on a hot day. And it makes your hair smell like the ocean (if you’re into that sort of thing, which I am.)

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