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5 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer

Posted on: June 7, 2012

This is the 5th in a series of summer nail colors so far – to check out my previous posts, you can view them at their respective links below:

This week, I tracked down 5 blue nail lacquers I think are perfect for the summer season. We don’t often think of blue as a summer color, but these polishes are just too pretty to pass up.

1. Zoya “Robyn”

This is one of my favorites blues in my stash, and it’s the perfect bright, poppy color for summer – especially on toes. It’s a gorgeous, bright robin’s-egg blue and looks amazing on fair or tan skin.

($8, Zoya)

2. Misa “Pour Me Something Tall and Strong”

This was one of the first blue polishes in my collection, and I love the name – and the color too, of course! It’s not a neon, but it reminds me of a bright Crayola crayon. This is the perfect polish to wear when you’re sipping margaritas poolside.

($3.75, Head2ToeBeauty.com)

3. China Glaze “Blue Hawaiian”

I don’t own this polish yet, but upon realizing how few blue glitters I own I may be adding this pretty to my stash! It’s a medium blue glitter and, from what I can tell, it’s a jelly – so you’ll need a few coats for opaque coverage. However, I think glitter polish ROCKS for summer and would definitely recommend this pretty blue polish.

($6.50, The Beauty Clutch)

4. Essie “Smooth Sailing”

I really like this blue, and think it’s a unique shade that should be a must-have in any polish collection. I’d describe it as vibrant, shimmery blue that looks great on a variety of skin tones.

($8, Zappos)

5. Love & Beauty “Baby Blue”

I couldn’t make a list of blue nail polishes without including a baby blue version! While typically this color seems more “spring-like” than summer, I’ve never been one to follow trends – I make my own rules! I think this color would look great with tanned skin (faux tans, please – skin cancer isn’t hot.)

($2.80, Forever21)

Do you have any blue nail polishes you like to wear for summer?


4 Responses to "5 Blue Nail Polishes for Summer"

The Zoya and Misa shades are my favourites – so pretty 🙂

You should see them in person if you haven’t already! They are truly gorgeous – words don’t do them justice 🙂

The Zoya Robyn is gorgeous! I also love “Totally Fort Worth It” from OPI. It’s very light and frosty.

It truly is a gorgeous shade – one you have to see in person to fully appreciate. The OPI you mentioned looks cool from swatches I’ve seen… may have to be added to my small OPI stash.

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