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It’s that time again, ladies – time for the Question of the Week, that is! This week’s question stems from a conversation I had with a girlfriend of mine earlier in the week. She asked me what one beauty item I’d HAVE to have if I were stranded on a deserted island, and it took me awhile to narrow it down to just one, let me tell ya!

Eventually, I decided I couldn’t live without a lipgloss/balm of some sort. So ladies, what about you? What one beauty item can you not live without? I can’t wait to hear your responses.


Happy Monday, ladies! When I’m pressed for time or just feel particularly lazy, I always reach for a pale neutral polish like Essie Virgin Orchid. One or two coats, plus a fast-drying top coat, and I’m done! So, the question of the week is:

What is your go-to nail polish color?

If you have a favorite, please share in the comments below. Stay lovely!

It’s a new year, and perhaps that means it’s time for a new you – or at least, a good time to attempt to stick to a  beauty resolution this year!

Whether it’s striving to wear SPF every day; making sure to remove makeup before bedtime, or anything else, I’d love to hear what your biggest beauty resolution for 2012 is.

Mine will be faithfully adhering to my skincare regimen every day. I tend to get very, very lax about skincare sometimes, and my skin always ends up paying the price! However, this year I’m going to treat my skin the right way.

What about you?

It’s time for another Question of the Week, and this week’s question asks:

What is your favorite perfume?

Whether you’re like me  and change fragrance as often as you change your clothes, or you have a standby fragrance that you’ve used for years, I want to hear about it! Currently, I’ve been obsessed with Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly; this fragrance just smells so good on me, and I always get compliments when I wear it. What’s your favorite?

I’d like to start a weekly feature on my blog to encourage reader participation; my blog is certainly not the best or most prolific beauty blog around, but I’d love to have more reader comments and activity in general!

With that said, this week’s Question of the Week (QOTW) is: What is your favorite lipstick brand?

While I’m typically more of a gloss girl, I love putting on lipstick when I want to look particularly pulled together. Right now, I am loving ybf royalty collectible pewter lipstick. It is the most gorgeous shade of red, and actually flatters my pale skin tone beautifully.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite lipstick brand! As always, stay lovely!


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